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Well its a new year and lots going on! Check out some picks from the Hangover Ball at the Blue Comet Bar and Grill New Years Day!

Lots of great shows coming up in 2008! make sure you get over to the shows page to see when the boys will be in a town near you!

Check back shortly for a major update! Unkle Hank's new years resolution is to update this site more!!!

Thanks for all the support in 07 and look forward to 08!


Rock&Roll Sundays at Johnny&Hons
Roc is at it again,Real Roc the promoter is starting Sunday evening RAB/Rock & Roll shows at Johnny & Hons Bar/Grill in Reading PA. Every Sunday you can now eat,drink and hear some great regional RAB/Rock & Roll acts,with NO COVER charge. Showtime at 6pm 'til 9pm,Johnny & Hons is located at 2546 Kutztown Rd ,Reading PA


DJ Del Villarreals Motorbilly Radio-
Hey you all, ya can now hear the Ultra Kings and all your favorite rockabillys and rock&rollers on DJ Del Villarreals "Go Kat,Go-the rockabilly" show every Wed. night 6~9 live from Detroit on.... Motorbilly


Finally got some picture up from last years festivities, so hop on over to the photos section and check em out! More photos will be on the way, so stop back early next week! Once youíre done perusing the photos section, make sure you stop by the shows section and see were the boys will be playing next!

If you havenít had a chance to check out the myspace site, now is your chance!! Just click on the link below to be redirected!!


Well another busy Summer is winding down, but we are gearing up for a busy Fall! Special thanks to Professor Ouch and Scotty for another great year at the Hot Rod Hoedown!! It was good to see Unkle Hank out and about even though he avoided singing with us!!! After all these years you would think he would get over his stage fright!

After the Hoedown, we were off to Chambers 19 in Doylestown! This place is going to be rockin' on Sundays, so make sure you get out and support local music. You can catch the Ultra Kings there again on October 22nd!

We just added a bunch of dates to the shows section and Unkle Hank will be adding some pics as soon as he gets away from the refrigerator!!!

Thanks again, and check back soon... over and out.. 10-4... and all that jazz...
Thanks to all who made the Southern Tour Invasion a success!
Thanks to the folks at McCormicks Pub, and of course Uncle Hank and Roller Derby Kim for their Virginia hospitality.

In North Carolina the Trailer Trash South Bash was definitely a good ole time with cold brews, Kebobs and prizes all around, special thanks to Ron, Kathy and Chaz our biker buddies for the invite.

The end of the tour found us down at Pucketts for the Rockabilly BBQ a truly great event with phenomenal bands, tasty BBQ, cool cars what more could you ask for. Mark and Lisa sure have this event hoppin every year, it is one that you just have to see for yourself, so get in your hot rods and take a ride to Pucketts next year.

Well, it looked like spring was just around the corner, but it looks like Rick and Patty brought some of the Austrian weather back with them
Not to fret, because the Ultra Kings will be rocking the weekend away for ya...and once you get up and moving to the beat
things will be sure to heat up...Here is what is happening this weekend

Thursday March 23rd
8:00 pm

Friday March 24th
4080 Wm Penn Highway
Easton, PA

Saturday March 25th
20 Gap Road
Macungie Pa
9:30 pm

So dont be a "jimbo" and make sure you get out and about this weekend and enjoy the good music, good food, and good times...

Well it has been a busy couple months between shows all over the Lehigh Valley, as well as,
hitting the recording study for the upcoming third album

"Church of the Weak"

Check back later this month for a track list and mp3's for download!
the CD will be ready for purchase on the website and at shows in a few months!!!
Don't worry, we will let yall know when it is available...

The Ultra Kings are going to be at the French Quarter Bistro this Friday in downtown Royersford Pa...
Then Rick and Patty are off to Austria to find Carl a new set of lederhosen !!!
After his stint at the Restaurant Hiedelberg, he just couldnt get enough...

And if yall are on myspace, check us out at

See yall soon...Unkle Hank


Happy New Year!!!

Another year has come and gone and what a year it was!!!
Thanks to everyone that made it out to the shows and supported the Ultra Kings in 2005'
We are looking forward to seeing everyone out and about in 06'

Special thanks to the men and women that put on all the great car shows this year and
we look forward to seeing every one again this summer

Enough of that jazz...One more night to party it up in 2005!!!
so come on out to the Ice House on Sand Island in Bethelehem Pa
and partake in the First Night Festivities...

all for now...Uncle Hank


LINK WRAY, 1929-2005

Rock guitarist Link Wray was born on May 2nd in North Carolina. In his 1958 instrumental hit "Rumble," Wray invented the power chord, the basis of modern rock guitar-playing from thrash to heavy metal. He is the missing link in the history of rock guitar in that he is not often given credit for being the connection between early blues guitarists and the late '60s gods (Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, etc.).

Wray began his career in the early '50s as a member of Lucky Wray and the Palomino Ranch Hands, a band that he formed with his brothers Vernon and Doug. They moved from North Carolina to Washington, D.C., where they recorded an EP.

Soon after, Wray began concentrating on guitar, since an earlier bout with tuberculosis began to make singing increasingly difficult. He then developed his guitar style: a slow drag across distorted strings in a simple chord progression. This led to his recording of "Rumble," which cracked the U.S. top 20, despite being banned by some radio stations because its title connoted gang violence. The Wrays then signed to Epic Records after disagreeing with their original label, Cadence, which wanted to tone down the tough image they began to have from "Rumble." The Wrays' next single, the pounding "Rawhide," went to #23 and was a hit among leather-jacketed, motorcycle-loving male youths. Link Wray was becoming the hero of juvenile elinquents and this scared record companies, who forced him to record non-rock songs such as "Danny Boy" with orchestras.

The Wrays tried forming their own record company, Rumble Records, which produced their next big hit, "Jack The Ripper." The song was later used in the '80s remake of the film "Breathless," starring Richard Gere. The company was short-lived and the Wrays found themselves at U.K.-based Swan Records, where they were given free rein to create what they wanted. What followed was a decade of improvised, guitar-heavy records issued under strange names such as the Moon Men and the Spiders. The '70s were filled with ups and downs for Link Wray. In 1971, his self-titled solo album was critically lauded but didn't sell, and none of his other releases made a splash. He spent some time backing Robert Gordon -- the singer for New York punkers the Tuff Darts -- on a rockabilly project and also recorded several albums in the '80s that relied heavily on drum machines. He attracted attention with rare live appearances in which he proved that he could still wow 'em with the guitar style he pioneered.

Well, I hope everyone was enjoying the mild fall so far, but it feels like it will be winter again soon
What better way then to get out and about and party harty with some real rocking and bopping...alright, enough of the Roc impression!!
But seriously...get up and get out and see the Ultra Kings this weekend
Friday the boys will be at The Rock Bar at Split Rock Resort, and Sunday at Havana's with the Rocketmen...

Make sure you check out the links section before you click on out of here...
We added a few new sights to the Car Club / Kustom Kulture / Festival section...
And dont forget to check out the shows section too and look at all the 2006 dates adding up already!!!
Summer will be here before you know it and car show season will be in full swing !!

Those of you that were out and about last Sunday at the Blue Comet for the 10 year anniversary bash
got a chance to see Uncle Hank and Rick help out the Razorbacks with a few numbers!!
Click on the pics below to see the guys in action

Congrats to Scotty for 10 years of great bands and thanks to the Razorbacks for letting the guys help out!!
Check out their website for pics from the rest of the night

Wow!! has it really been months since the last news update!!
We'll start things of at the Hotrod Hoedown
Many thanks to Furry, Nicole, and Scotty for puttin'
on a great show
The libations started at noon when 1200 cars showed up for everyone's viewing pleasure!!
After the Kings' did there set, they were off to Elton Maryland
to play a hurricane relief fundraiser!!
After raising some money for the folks along the Golf coast, it was back to Delaware to raise a glass or two
and enjoy the many great bands at this years hoedown!!

More recently, the Kings graced the stage of the Annual Mobtown Greaseball
It was another day of great cars and great music!
Special thanks to Tim, Joey C., and all our friends in the Karb Kings

Sorry for the delay in the news updates!!
Lot's off stuff going on in the last few weeks / months!!
The Ultra Kings have been all over the North East and will be back on the road again in a few weeks
Before we get into that, we need to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the band

It looks like Wine Fest weekend was the first show after the last update, so lets start there!!
Another great turn out at the Sand Bar!! What a party from dusk to dawn!!
Special thanks to cousin Ross for filling in on the double doghouse that weekend!!
Uncle Hank made an appearance as well to bring you some rockin' sounds from south of the Mason / Dixon line
Pics from this party should be up on the site in the near future (Rick may question what I mean by "near"!!!)

Next the Kings filled the RV and headed North to the The Road Agents Hot Rod and Rockabilly Rumble 05'
What a great weekend that was (and a busy one too)...Here are a few shots from the weekend...a party shot and a relaxation shot

Again, more pics from this event will be coming...I need to converse with the Magnetos and see if I can score some pics...

After the Road Agents, it was over to the Restaurant Hiedelberg for a little German Schnitzel Festival
The Ultra Kings slipped into their lederhosen and polka'd the night away
Check out the pic below of Carl before show time!!

I am sure Carl will tell me I am #1 next time I see him...

After an evening of Schnitzel and Bier it was time to head south for Roc' N Irish's Rockin'- BBQ
As usual, Roc had a bunch of bands, both local and from afar, to entertain the masses!!!
Some shot of the Ultra Kings and Queens parting it up!!

Has it been a month since I last updated this section??
Thanks to every one that made it out to the first annual Magneto's Festival of Gas and Grease!!!
I am hoping to score so pic from the event from our good friend Hillbilly Wes so keep an eye out for that!!
Also, thanks for all the support at the local shows in the area
It is always good to see returning faces!!

This weekend the Kings will be playing at the Sand Bar at Split Rock Resort
directly following the 15th Annual Great Taste of Pennsylvania Wine and Food Festival
This is always a great time so come out early and "sample" some great wine...

In other news, make sure you hop on over to the shows section and check out where and when the Kings will be playing
We added a bunch of dates to the list...Some new venues too, so check it out

Also, make sure you check out the links section...We added a few links to the "Web Resources"
Our friends at My Rare Guitars were nice enough to add us to their site, so show them some support and surf on by...
Lastly, you have to check out our friends at Eastwood Guitars...
They are making great 60's style vintage guitars with a modern twist...
great guitars and a great price...
Come on out this weekend and see and hear an Eastwood in the hands of an experienced "craftsman"
(thought I would throw Rick a bone since I have been slacking with site updates!!!)

Before I forget...

Happy "Gradjumacation"

Mr. Dylan "Master Mind " K.
Ms. Janel

Good luck to both of you in your future endeavors...
If you need any advise on how handle post highschool life or college...
don't hesitate to shoot old Uncle Hank an email

Hope to see "yall" this weekend

Hope every one had a great weekend bopping to the sounds of the Ultra Kings...
Special thanks to everyone that made the trip up to Latimore Valley

Once again it is another Sunday, so make sure you tune into the Cousin Sheila Radio Show
Best way to get your rockabilly fix on a Sunday!!

The Ultra Kings have added a bunch of shows to the calander
So hop over to the shows section and see what's new!!

All you in the Allentown Area, reserve Friday for the Sterling Hotel!!!
The boys will be playing with the Turbo AC's
This is going to be a wild make sure you get there early!!

Saturday, Rick K will be making a solo appearance at the Raubsville Inn!!!
No better way to start off the evening..

Make sure you stay tuned for upcoming events in June...

The Ultra Kings have another busy weekend coming up!
Friday night the Kings will be entertaining a private party in Landsdale!!
What a better way to impress friends and family then with good old fashion Rock n' Roll
So if you are interested in booking the boys, see Rick at the next show!!
Carl has been known to put together a nice covered dish every now and then too!!
Basically a win win situation no matter how you look at it!!
Saturday the boys will be downtown in Bethlehem for a little Saturday brunch of sorts!!
Come one down for a bight to eat and some great music
The Kings will be performing at noon at the band trailer stage!!

Saturday evening the Utlra Kings will be at Grumpy's!!
Uncle Hank will be thumbing a ride up north to join the fellows for a few old standards!!!
Hopefully we will see yall out and about this weekend!!

Word from the border is that the Magneto's First Annual Hot Rod Thrill Show!!
Will be held Saturday June 11th in Quakertown!!
The good folks at Gregory's Seafood Factory (750 N West End Blvd)
are allowing the magnetos to put on a show!!
Hot Rod Check in @ 8:30 am...Live music 10:00 show ending at 3:00 pm in order to avoid the Federallies!!
Spread the word!!

Another weekend rolling to an end...
Thanks to all that made it out this weekend...
Don't forget to tune into the Cousin Sheila Radio Show
Every sunday from 4-6 pm on 91.7 FM in the Bethlehem area...
Or via the internet at

Next week the Ultra Kings will be at the Mucungie pub...
Make sure you stop on out!

Tonight don't forget the Ultra Kings will be at...
the Arch Street Hotel in beautiful downtown Catasaqua Pa!!
Come on out for cheap drinks and great American Made Rock n' Roll!!

The Ultra Kings will not be at Raubsville as previously listed...
So make sure you get out Friday night instead

The Ultra Kings will be playing with living legend


Thursday May 5th at Club 316 (formerly the Owl's Nest) in beautiful downtown Emmaus!!!
The Ultra Kings Grace the stage at 8:00 pm and Link closes out the night at 9:30 pm
This is a great oppertunity to see some great music in a very personal setting
Plenty of dancing room so be prepared to bop!!!

The Ultra Kings will be at Macungie Pub next week...
Rumor has it Uncle Hank will be out and about provided his car is fixed in time for the trip...
(I should have kept my mouth shut in Vegas...All the bragging has plagued me with more car trouble!!)

Lastly, some new dates have been added to the shows section...
Make sure to check them out...

Hey everyone! thanks to all that made it out last night to the Rock Bar at Split Rock Resort!!
And special thanks to Vera!! The hardest working bar tender at the Rock!!

Next week the Utlra Kings will be at the world famous Arch Street Hotel Friday night in beautiful downtown Catasqua!!
Make sure you stop out to this one!! Great drink specials and great music

Keep Saturday the 16th open for the Macungie Pub
What better way to forget about income tax then partying it up with the Ultra Kings!!!

Here are a couple of pics sent in from our good old Hillbilly friend of El President Senor, of the Magnetos,
fevorishly trying to catch up with Uncle Hank's winnings on the slot machine at the Viva Las Vegas fest last week!!!
Also Hillbilly's pick for his best engineered and appearing award from the Shifter Car Show last Saturday!!

Be sure to check back later in the week for more updates!!

Well its been another busy month! back from viva las vegas with a little extra cash in my pockets,
unlike some of the Magneto's that were out there too!! anyway, the Ultra Kings will be at Split Rock this Saturday!!
If you are in the mood for a relaxing spring evening, head on up to Lake Harmony!!
Check back for future updates with some pics from the end of winter!

Well another pay-day has come and gone... but make sure you stach some away for this weekend
The Ultra Kings will be rockin' the Riegelsville Inn this Saturday!!
What better way to forget this $hitty winter weather...

Sorry about the delay in updates, been busy drinking down south!
Thanks to cousin Wes for all the pics he has been sending that I have neglected to post!!
Well here some are...Check out some shots from last night at Grumpy's in Mechanicsville...

I am not sure what is going on in that last photo, but Roc looks like he is up to no good!!
Once again, thanks to all that made it out

The Ultra Kings will be at the Riegelsville Inn this Saturday for another action packed show
The Ultra Kings will be at the Arch Street Hotel Friday March 18th
and the French Quarter Bistro Saturday March 19th with Special Guest to be announced...

It is a busy weekend for the Ultra Kings!!
Friday night Double Header starting out at the Raubsville Inn
(Check out their website for directions) from 6 to 8
then heading on over to the Happy Tap to end the evening

The Ultra Kings will be playing at the Road Agents Hot Rod and Rockabilly Rumble 05'
This is one you don't want to miss...Get your hotel reservations now before everything is booked up
The Ultra Kings will be playing on Friday Night so make sure you get there early...

Thanks to all those that have been buying CD's off the internet!! Thanks for the support!!
There is only a limited number of She Never Say's No available so make sure you get them while they last...
Also, don't forget to pick up the latest compilation the Kings are featured on
Rockin' all Over the Place Vol 1 on Bad Habit Records from Brazil!!!

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!! Thanks to everyone that made it out to First Night in Bethelhem
Great to see Rocco and Alisa out and about!!
The Ultra Kings will be at the Happy Tap Grill and Bar, 601 East Fourth Street, Bethlehem, Pa again this Friday
with special guest the Steeltown Scorchers... Show starts at 9:00 pm
Don't forget the Happy Tap has $2 Domestic drafts and $1 PBR's all night long!!!

The Ultra Kings are proud to be featured on international Rockabilly compilation

Rockin' all Over the Place Vol 1 on Bad Habit Records from Brazil!!!
This is a limited addition compilation that is available at shows only at this time
Make sure you get one while they last!!


Happy New Year!!!

Well the year is once again winding down!! Thanks to everyone for all the support!!
Some upcoming local events in 2005 include regular appearances at the Happy Tap, the Rock Bar ,
Tk's Lounge, Macungie Pub, and the Riegelsville Inn.
So mark your calendar and start the New Year off rockiní!!

Car show season will be upon us again before you know it!!
Those of you looking for a road trip, definitely want to check out the Ultra Kings at the
The Checkered Flag Jalopy Showdown this May!!
Possible the coolest show of the year.. Keep an eye out for updates as the year roles on!!

But donít fret! There is still time to see the Ultra Kings one last time this year!!
The Ultra Kings will be at First Night at the First Unitarian Church in Bethelehm Pa from 6:30-8:30!!
What a great way to start off New Years Eve!!

And donít forget the Ultra Kings will be at the Rock Bar New Years Day
at Split Rock Resort. Show starts at 9:00 pm

Hope to see you all out and about this weekend!!

Thanks to all that made it out to the Owls Wednesday Night and the Macungie Pub on Friday
Great Crowds at both venues! Great to see so many of you out!
All you Rockers in Macungie check back in the near future for upcoming shows at the Macungie Pub
Special Thanks to Monica and Pulse weekly for the continued coverage and support!!

Pass the word on...Rockabilly at the Happy Tap every Friday!!
The Utlra Kings will be at the Happy Tap on Friday December 3rd and December 10th
Low cover charge to support the band and $2 domestic drafts all night long!! ($1 PBR's for you hardcore drinkers!)
So get your crew together and head down to the Happy Tap this Friday

Check back later this week for photos from Wednesday's Fall Ball with Phil Hummer

Thanks to all that made it out to the Happy Tap on Friday night
for the kick off of Rockabilly Friday's at the Happy Tap
The Ultra Kings will be rocking the Happy Tap again on December 10th

The Fauerbach Brother's 2nd Annual Birthday Bash
With special guests The Marauders
TK's Uptown Lounge
Show starts at 9:00

The Ultra Kings rocked away another Halloween at the Emmaus #2 Fire hall last Saturday...
Special thanks to all that made it out

The Ultra Kings will be at the Happy Tap Friday November 5th
Located in beautiful South Side Bethlehem Pennsylvania...
for the start of Rockabilly Friday's at the Happy Tap
Make sure to come out and support the Ultra Kings and the Local scene...

The Sixth Annual Lehigh Valley Music Awards are upon us again.
Last year the Ultra Kings cleaned up thanks to everyone's support!
Please take the time to vote for the Ultra Kings at LVMA6 again this year.
Help the Kings keep the Crown!!

What a night at the Rock Bar!!
Thanks to all that made it out last Saturday!!
This Saturday the Ultra Kings will be at the Emmaus #2 Fire Company Halloween Party
The Ultra Kings will be in Bethlehem at the Happy Tap Friday the 5th
and the Second Annual Fauerbach Brother's Birthday Bash on Saturday November 13th
with special guests The Marauders Check out the shows section for more details...

Thanks to all that made it out to Split Rock Saturday night!!
As usual, it was a great time!!

This Saturday, the Utlra Kings are packing up the RV and heading on down the line...
Destination 7th annual Mobtown Greaseball hosted by the Karb Kings
Car show starts at noon, with bands playing mostof the afternoon and into the evening...
The Utlra Kings will be hitting the stage at 9:30...

...Much thanks to the Professor, Nicole, & Scotty Binder
for putting on a great show (cars and rockabilly music) at the Hot rod Hoedown...
...we'll be at the Mobtown Greaseball Saturday Spetember 25th in Towson Maryland...
Check out for the scoop

Finally got the needed space to post more recent pics,
so make sure you hop on over to the Photos section
Photo updats include Allisa and Rocco's Rockabilly weeding
as well as Roc and Irish Rockin' BBQ

Check out the music section for the much anticipated update!!
If you like what you hear, feel free to order a couple of the CD's via pay pal
It is quick easy and SAFE!!
Feel free to email me with any questions

Lastly, the Utlra Kings will be at Split Rock Lodge in the Pocono's this weekend...
Head on over to the shows section for more details!!

...over and out...

...Only a few more days until the weekend, so get on the horn and get ready for TK's this Saturday night!!
Show starts at 9:30!! look out for the new blonde bombshell that will be gracing the stage!!
No girls were not talking about Hank, but you won't be disappointed!!
This blonde has more class!! So come on out and see what all the hype is about

Some upcoming shows in September are The Hot Rod Hoedown.
The Ultra Kings will be playing Friday night with the Tombstones and Deke Dickerson
Tickets are only $10...More info at

Thursday September 16th we are playing in Allentown in the afternoon so blow off work and come on down to 8th and Hamilton St.!!
Saturday the 18th we are back up at Split Rock Resort at the Rock Bar.

Back on the road again on the 25th...destination Mobtown Grease Ball
The Ultra Kings will be playing with 65 Fast Back, D. Martini and the Highballs, and others TBA
Car show starts at noon

That's all for now, check back soon for more updates...

...The Ultra Kings will be at Split Rock Resort this Saturday from 5-9 at the Sand Bar...
Jeff Gordon's Nascar will be on display at the beach since the race is at Pocono this weekend.
All you Dale Jr. fans can come help Rick and I push it into Lake Harmony!
Hope to see you all there! i will be sporting my Red Budweiser #8 hat all day!

I just got the picture back today, so check back later this week (Wednesday)
for pics from Rocco and Alisa's Rockabilly Wedding (Italian style!!)
and Roc'n'Irish Rockabilly BBQ.
Lastly, feel free to drop us a line on the guest book!
tell us what ya think, make a request or two, or just to comment on Carl's hair!
Also, you can get on our mailing list be logging onto

...Congrats to Rocco and Alisa on their marriage this weekend and have a great honey moon out in California!
Hope to see the newly weds partying it up in the near future
Check back later this week for
pics from the Saturday's festivities

Although mother nature was not as kind with the weather on Sunday, the 2nd annual Roc'n'Irish Rockabilly BBQ was a definite success!!
Those of you that sat around watching TV all day (Jimbo!!) missed a great time!
Thanks to the Starlight Drifters and Sean Mechner of High Noon Rockabilly Trio for making the drive out to Roc's Ranch
Check back later this week for pics from the Sunday's festivities as well

...Now on to new business...

The Merchandise section is up and functional!!
Currently featuring the Ultra Kings freshmen depute " She Never Says No" as well as the sophomore follow up " Streamlined Deluxe"!!

CD's are available for $10 plus $3 shipping and handling and can be purchased securely via Pay Pal
Pay Pal is safe, quick, and easy. Check out the Pay Pal website for your free membership!!

...Thanks to all that made it out this weekend! Those of you that missed Flag Staff, want to make sure you get out there next time!
Check out the view of the ballroom as well as the history of the place on

Counting the days to Rocco's wedding day! Only 5 more days to go Rocco!! (not to make you nervous!!)
The Ultra Kings have the honor of serenading the newly weds Saturday night!!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! The Ultra Kings will be playing the "Roc-n-Irish" 2nd Annual BBQ
You dont want to miss this one! There will be some great music playing with free BEER and FOOD!!
too many bands and musicians to list...You can get all the details on

...Well it has been quite some time since I updated the news section! Lots has happened in the last 4 and a half months since the last entry
Thanks to all of those that voted for us in the Lehigh Valley Music Awards! The Ultra Kings took home 2 awards

"Best Americana, Roots, Rockabilly Performance" and "Best Americana, Roots, Rockabilly CD "Streamlined Deluxe"

Thanks to all that voted and came out to show their support!!

Some updates that you may have noticed are the "Review" section...check out what people are saying...
and the "Merchandise" section which will be offering T-shirts, Work Shirts, CD's and of course Refrigerator magnets!!
Check back in a few weeks to order via Pay Pal on line!

Also, a guest book section was added to the front page for you all to post a message or two... Don't be afraid to tell us what you think!

We have had a busy summer so far! thanks again to "yall" that continually make it out to:

Tk's, Split Rock, The Owls Club, Forged in Ink (Especially our fire breathing / sword eating friends from NY), the Happy Tap
Wegmans Food and Wine, The Jalopy Show Down (those that didn't make this, you don't want to miss it next year!)

Check out the "Photos" section for some recent pics (more to come)...

However, the summer has just begun! The Ultra Kings will be at Flag Staff Friday July 9th, and Tk's Saturday July 10th

Some big events coming up are Rock-n-Irish BBQ Sunday July 18th, and the Hot Rod Hoedown September 10-12th
There will be plenty of great music at both events!!
and the of course the 2nd annual Fauerbach Brother's birthday bash at Tk's November 13th with special guest The Marauders

In the interim, check out the "Shows" section and stop back weekly for updates..

That's all for now..

...Uploaded some pics from Jack Frost last week as well as fix a few spelling error on the site (sorry Cousin Sheila)...
We will be at the Happy Tap Saturday night and the Blue Comet on Sunday...Check out the shows section for more details...

...Thanks to all that came out to the WDIY Birthday Bash...
You can check out some pictures from the festivities in the photos section

...Looking for the latest release "Streamlined Deluxe"??
You can pick it up at Positively 19th Street in Allentown Pa.
Stop by and pick one up!!

... Please take a moment and vote for The Ultra Kings
Lehigh Valley Music Awards
(line 56-58)

...Thanks to those who made it out to the Mobtown Grease Ball and The Blue Comet...
It was a rocking weekend from start to finish...
Until the pics are in from developing, check out some pics taken by Tommy at The Blue Comet
thanks again to The Road Hogs
, Eddie from the Frantic Flattops, and Chris and Ross from the Phantom Drifters
for coming on out Sunday after a weekend of non stop partying...
..The Ultra Kings will be at the Mobtown Grease Ball Saturday October 18th,
and the Blue Comet Bar and Grill Sunday October 19th...
Check out the shows section for more details...

If you would like to be on our mailing list, send an email to, or follow the link below

Subscribe to Ultrakings
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..The Ultra Kings will be at the Owls Club in Emmaus PA
Saturday September 20th...
This will be a show you do not want to miss...
So get on your dancing shoes and grab your honey
and come out for a night of good time Rockabilly and Rock and Roll...
Check out the shows section for more details...

...The Rockabilly world has lost one of its greats today
The Man in Black, Johnny Cash died at the age of 71...
Check out for more details

...The Ultra Kings will be at Havana's in New Hope Sunday August 31st...
Check out the shows section for more details...

...Added a some new dates in August and November (Havanna's in New Hope) in the Shows section
...We will be outside at The Rock Bar at Split Rock Lodge in this Saturday from 4 to 8...

...Check out the Music section for a taste of Streamlined Deluxe...
...If you like what you hear and cannot wait to get your copy at the next show...
...Drop me a line at and we will work something out...

...Thanks again to everyone that made it out to Wine Fest and the Nutty Pear the last few weekends...
(check back later this week for pictures)

...We will be outside at The Rock Bar at Split Rock Lodge in this Saturday from 4 to 8...

...After a few weeks off, we will be at the 13th Annual...
...Great Tastes of Pennsylvania Wine and Food Festival...
...The Festivities start at 12 noon to 6 pm so don't miss it...
...Our Sax player Dave will be playing with us and his band BC and the Blues Crew...

...For more info and directions check out the official Wine Fest website...
...This will be an afternoon you do not want to miss...

...Hope you like the new look to the webpage...If not too bad...
Anyway, our second CD will be out in the next few weeks...this CD is going to blow your doors off..
lots of great original songs!!
Some of our lucky friends have a few bootleg copies floating around the area...
So listen up if you are getting Tattooed at a few select local shops...

We will be at The Rock Bar at Split Rock Lodge in the Poconoes this Saturday...
Check out the shows section for more details

...There has been some changes to this weekends shows...
We will be playing the Tattoo Convention Friday night only.

...Just putting the finishing touches on the 2nd CD, Streamline Delux...We are hoping to have it out by Wine Fest...
I also added a bunch of shows, so make sure you check out the Shows section...

...There has been a change in shows March 15th...
We will be at the Slovak Club in Catasauqua,PA instead of the Pa Roadhouse as previously scheduled...
Also, shows dates in April were added for the Forged in Ink Tattoo convention in Wyomissing, PA, and in June for the Wegmans Wine & Food Festival at Cedar Beach Park, Allentown PA...
Check out the shows section.

...Thanks to all that braved the cold last night and made it out to the Happy Tap...
you can check out some pics in the photos section.
We will be back at Jack Frost on Saturday March 1st, so grab your ski and snow boards and come on out...

...I added some pics in the photos section from last weekend at Jack Frost and TK's...
We have the weekend off, but make sure you get out to the Happy Tap in Bethlehem next Saturday the 15th...more details in the redesigned shows section...
Phil Hummer is at TK's in Allentown tonight...Don't want to miss him...

...As you can tell, i am changing around the home page...time for a change
Saturday at Jack Frost was a hell of a show...
Pictures will be up this week...
We had a couple of young ski bunnies hop up on stage and give us a hand...
...looking forward to playing there again March 1st...

Sunday at TK's was full of swing dancer's...
even had a few people line dancing by the 3rd set...(Rick was trying not to laugh...)those pictures will be up as well this week...
Mike from Run Wild Records stopped by with Scott from King Kerosene...always good to see those guys...

...Phil Hummer will be at TK's this Saturday...make sure you check him out if you like Johnny Cash...Zoot, and I will be there early so come on out and support Rock for booking these shows...

...Well, we have some shows coming up this weekend.. Saturday at Jack Frost Ski Area from 3-6 PM and Sunday at TK's Uptown Lounge at 7 PM... Looking forward to seeing everyone.

We also just booked a bunch of dates this spring and summer at Split Rock resorts.

5/31 9:30 PM The Rock Bar @ Split Rock...
6/28 and 6/29 all day at the Split Rock Wine don't want to miss this...
7/19 4-8 PM outside Rock Bar...
8/23 9:30 PM Rock Bar...

Check out the shows section...
...Thanks to all that made it out to The Blue Comet last night...
It was good to see some of the guys from the Phantom Drifters, The Road Hogs, and everyone else that made it out again...Happy Birthday to Miss Jessica...She did a kick ass job singing on such a short notice!!
make sure you check out the pics in the photossection.

Make it up to the Bayou this Friday January 31st for a benefit concert for Manny Berlingo featuring the Phantom Drifters and the remaining memebers of Slick will be a kick ass show...

...Thanks to all that made it out to TK's last night...was a hell of a time...I will be adding pictures from the show shortly so check back...We will be at the Blue Comet next Sunday the 27th...hope to see you all there...
...Hope everyone had a good holiday season!...
...added some shows to January and March sections...
Please sto by and check them out...
If you have not signed up on our mailing list, and would like too, either click the link for "Yahoo Groupse"... or send an email to me at
Have a Happy New Year!, Hank
...added some shows to December and February
at Jack Frost Big Bolder Resort 11/03/02
...added some shows to November with the King Pins and December with Rosie Flores ...
...the Ultrakings will be going back into the studio in a few weeks to start work on their second album...
...make sure you get to the Comet on the 20th...
...It's been a pretty busy month!...Opened up for Wayne "the Train" Hancock on the 22nd!...
...unfortunatley Hank forgot the camera in Coopersburg...
...Speaking of Hank, he has been helping us out with a few songs with us lately...
...check out some new pics from recent shows in thephotossection...

...Got a pretty big update for yall...finally added some more pics to the musikfest section...

...make sure you get out to Silk City on Spetember 22nd to see Full Blown Cherry, the Ultrakings, and Wayne "the Train" Hancock at the Hot Rod Hoedown after party...

...changed the music section around...added a couple new songs off She Nevers Says No...

...last but not least, please show your support for us and vote on one of the various "top sites" banners...let's get the Ultrakings to number 1!...

...the Ultrakings will be playing with Wayne "the Train" Hancock on September 22nd... details to follow...
...September 14th at the Nutty Pear has been changed to a private party but open to the public for a show on the 28th...
...Check out some pics from Musikfest and Split Rock Lodge in the photos section...
...make sure you get out to Kellys this Friday for "Rockabilly Fridays" ...
...the Ultrakings will be playing at "Rockabilly Fridays" on August 30th...
...Check out the photo from Musikfest Mike from Run Wild Records sent in...more to follow shortly...
...Make sure you join the ultrakings mailing list to receive updates about shows, event, or whatever... can join by entering your email address in the intro page....or by clicking on ...
...the Ultrakings will be at the Kelly's on August 30th...
...Check out the new look in the updated photo area...
...Check back in a few days for the pics from Musicfest...
...Check out the the pics from last Sunday at the The Blue Comet...
...The Ultrakings will be at Musicfest this monday...
...also, the Nutty Pear in September and back at the Blue Comet in October...
...Added a bunch of dates in the shows section...
...had a blast this weekend at the "comet"...always a good time...
...check out the photo section later this week for the pics...
...make sure you get out there on October 20th...
...Added August 10th to the list of shows...The Ultrakings will be at Split Rock Lodge...
For more info visit the shows section...
...Check back soon for the new poster section...
Added pictures from Sunday's show at the Comet...
Those of you that were not there missed one hell of a show...
...Dave was on Sax and Steve on Key's... but Uncle Ed was MIA...
Thanks again to Scotty and everyone for coming out...
Check out the pics in the photos section...
...the Ultrakings will be at the the Nutty Pear on July 13th...
...and back at the Old Towne Tavern in september... details in the shows section...
...Ultrakings will be at Garfield's on October 5th and November 30th... details in the shows section...
...added pics from Kelly's in the Photo section...Ultrakings and Slick Pelt brought the roof down...
SHOW DATE CHANGE...the Ultrakings will be at the Blue Comet on June 23rd instead of June 30th...see you all there...
...added pics from Old Town Tavern in the Photo section...
...added Blue Comet dates to June and July...
...added 3 MP3's to the music section...