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Occupation- Tattooist
Years Tattooing- 10
Primary Style- American Traditional
Favorite Medium- Watercolor
Eye Color- Blue
Favorite Shoe- Converse
Favorite Artist- Jackson Pollack
Favorite tattoo- The one on you

Occupation-Piercer / Zombie slayer
Years Piercing-About 5 years
Primary Style-Anything I can put a hole in
Favorite Medium-Zelda Rubanstine, in Poltergeist
Eye color-Hazel
Favorite Shoe-Adidas, Sambas
Favorite Artist-Too many to choose from
Favorite Tattoo-My back piece, I don't have yet. Ask Drew about it

Occupation: tattoo artist
Years Tattooing: 5
Style: Realistic Black and Grey / traditional
Favorite Medium: Pencil
Eyes Color: blue
Favorite Shoe: Aqua Socks
Favorite Artist: Tommy Lee
Favorite Tattoo: Homer Simpson pushing a V-Twin powered lawn mower
(done on a clients head)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday 12:00-9:00 pm
714 North Sheppard St
Richmond Virginia

*Must be 18 with valid photo ID*